Discovery 3 & 4 Lift Rod Kit

Discovery 3 & 4 Lift Rod Kit.

Fully adjustable suspension lift rod kit
Discovery 3 & Discovery 4.

Fully adjustable suspension lift rod kit. These adjustable rods replace the plastic and rubber parts Land Rover supply on the vehicle. Made from aluminium with an industrial heavy grade rubber bushing, the aluminium parts are anodised black to help with corrosion protection and blending in when in the garage for work.

The lift rods have two settings; standard and off-road. With the vehicle set to normal driving height the shortened rods will give you off-road height. If you select off-road height the vehicle will be in the ‘super extended position as standard if you use the ‘shortened settings. The ease of changing the ride height is what separates these rods from others in the marketplace.

No tools are required and should take no more than 2 minutes to do all four rods. Access to the front is over the front wheels and for the back is through the rear wishbones (blanket required!) Note - If run for a long time in off-road position then wheels may need realigning

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